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SELLING LAND | Ocoka Land Company

Looking to Sell your Land?

If you’re looking for fast cash in exchange for your unwanted real estate, submit your property information to us today!


Step 1: The Offer Letter

We will send you an offer letter that indicates our interest in your property and are prepared to compensate you reasonably. If you’re interested in parting with the property, you may fill out the form below or call while indicating the Reference Number in the letter. You can also mail back the letter with your signature indicating that you’re interested.

Step 2: Initial Processing

If you’re interested in selling, we will then investigate and assess your property for more details from the County Recorder’s Office. We will check for any liabilities, taxes or disputes regarding the property. We will then call back within two to five business days and inform you whether or not we proceed with the purchase.

Step 3: New Deed

For properties we decide to purchase, we will then create a new deed as well as process any additional paperwork that will transfer the property from you to us. We will send you a copy of the deed for you to review. Kindly check if all the details are correct and once everything checks out, we’ll hire your local notary to process the transaction.

Step 4: Notary Close

Your local notary will receive from us the deed and all the related paperwork for you to sign. He/she will act as the middleman, representing you to us. The paperwork will also include your check for the purchase as well as his/her compensation. Kindly anticipate an email from us to both of you detailing the documents involved along with instructions on how to proceed. The notary will contact you at you most convenient time to close the transaction.


Contact Us

There is no cost or obligation to you in

order to request an offer for your property.

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