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ABOUT | Ocoka Land Company


owner’s Note :

Ocoka Land Company is a specialized land acquisition company that purchases undeveloped and vacant land throughout the United States. We have been in this business for several years now and we pride ourselves for our great relationships with our customers who found us to be honest with our transactions. As a family-owned business, we will give you our full attention and offer you tailored transactions according to your needs. We will be happy to answer all your questions and consider your property no matter how small. Our team members are professional, and transactions will be quick and painless to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Land is not to be taken lightly. Our goal therefore is to purchase properties at a fair price that result in win-win situations for all parties involved. The key here is for the transaction to be fast, faster than the traditional method of going through ordinary realtors. And in order to be fast, we invest though cash. Cash transactions enable the parties involved to make quick and effective decisions and payment will be one-time and immediate. Transaction closed, no muss, no fuss. If you have some land to spare, unused or even unwanted, give us a call.